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At times, being a student can be double-edged, exciting and daunting at the same time. As you study all nights and day, you will also have to be the manager of your own resources, which are always limited. And many students experience this for the first time in college or in universities.

Thanks to goodness, society, firms and governments have created wealth of money-saving opportunities through discount and deals for students to lighten the burden of being a first time ‘limited resource managers’.

These discounts and deals cover transportation, textbooks, entertainment and technology which always play important roles in student life and most importantly cut down expenses enormously on students budget.

Let’s explore the world of student discount and deals and some valuable tips on maximizing savings on everyday expenses. This will help you make the most of your hard earned money, so ride along.

Student Discount and Deals

Student discounts are special offers or greatly subsidized prices of goods and services available to ONLY students. Tones of businesses both offline and online are becoming aware of the financial troubles students face, thereby offering these discounts to make their products more accessible.

The earlier you take advantage of these deals, the more money you would save over time. But there is a hidden key: most student live in the midst of these deals and discounts but still spent their monies, so you will have to research and find these discounts.

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How to Find The Best Deals

The secret is you must be proactive in seeking these discounts because not every shop, bookshop or mall attendant is aware you’re a student. So be the first to ask, there is no shame in it.

Aside from that, there are some other reliable methods of finding these deals and discounts. They are:

  • Visiting Students Discount Websites

There are many popular websites dedicated to only gathering and aggregating student discounts. Most used among them are: My UNiDAYS [ or UNiDAYS for short], Student Beans and ID.ME. You will surely find a discount coupon from your favorite retailer or service provider on there.

These websites don’t demand a fee to register, all you need is your valid student ID for verification and you’re in.

  • University Resources

Get to know whether your institution has it’s separate net work of partnerships and discounts? Verify this by visiting your university’s website, student union, or counselling for local and internal businesses offering discounts and deals to student.

  • Retails and Service Providers

GitHub, Apple, Express and many more service providers and retailers offer these deals but they do not advertise it. So always ask. Even if a business doesn’t have an official discount policy, it never hurts to ask.

Maximizing Savings on Everyday Expenses

Now you have sources offering student discounts and deals. It is now time to maximize your savings on everyday expenses.

  • Make a Plan

Take some time and make a list of your essential expenses. Further digest the list into two categories: those on discount and those not, so you will know which products or goods or services you will be getting for free and those you will be spending on. Thereby allocating more funds to those you will have to spend on.

  • Always have your student card: Every establishment that offers these discounts would have to see your student ID, so always keep it on you.
  • Technology and Software
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Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, and GitHub are just few of the tech companies that offer student discount and deals. So in case you need access to software programs for your coursework, just hope on there with your student ID.

  • Transportation

Uber and Lyft also offer these discounts and deals from time to time. Public transport systems also provide discounted passes for students.

  • Textbook and Educational Resources

Textbooks can be a significant expense, but there are ways to save. Consider buying used textbooks or renting them instead of purchasing new ones. Online platforms like Chegg and Amazon offer discounted rates on both physical books and e-book for students.

Be sure to catch one to and from school at relatively cheaper fares or free.

  • Conclusion

Student life can be financially a tough curve. However, you can take advantage of these best student discounts and deals and you will be able to maximize saving on everyday expenses made.

From technology, textbooks, transportation, to entertainment, there is always a pass for you anytime you have your student ID card. You have to be proactive with seeking these deals and draw your budgets after every successful discount and deal discovery.

Sharing Is Caring!
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