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MTN Data Bundle Code: How to Get FREE Data Bundle On MTN

These days purchasing data bundles or packages has become part of our daily expenses. If I am not afraid, I can say this is one of the most expensive expenses that take a lot from our pocket without realizing it.

With these smart gadgets and technologies, we are always required to get connected to the internet, it is something some of us will find difficult to live without it. Not because of addiction but because it also makes our life much easier and saves some time.

I know your will all agree with me that the way the prices of internet data packages from our network providers are spiking up is unbearable. Also, the time these packages finish too is questionable.

For the reasons above and others that is why we are writing this article to draw your attention to some ways that will let you can accumulate free MTN data bundle.

The good part is, all these are legal and you will not be penalized for using any of these services. These are all services by MTN Ghana, what we did was to put them together for you to enjoy everything. With the services below you can accumulate a lot of data bundles without spending a dime.

1. Installing the Ayoba App

The Ayoba app is a social media platform proudly made by Africans for Africans. This app does not only allow us to chat with friends and family, but it also has many hidden features that most people are not aware of.

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MTN Ghana has seen the potential in this app which is why they are putting in all they can to promote it to be one of the best in Africa.

When you are on the Ayoba platform, you get the chance to chat freely with others when you are on MTN, you can also send free SMS to people who are not on Ayoba using the app, listen to music from popular artists without your data, and you can send money to others on the app.

How to get free data on MTN using the Ayoba app

If you are using MTN Ghana, you can get a free 1GB data bundle from MTN Ghana by just installing and registering with your MTN number.

  1. Go to the Google play store or the Apple app store, search for and install the Ayoba app on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and register the app with your MTN number. Within a few minutes, you will see an alert from MTN Ghana that you have a free 1GB data bundle for installing the Ayoba app.

2. MTN Loyalty Reward [MTN Data Bundle Code]

You may be aware of this, but I bet you, most people do not know that MTN Ghana rewards its customers for using its services. You get rewarded for all activities you perform on your MTN Ghana network, from making calls, SMS, mobile money transactions, and many more.

You can claim your rewards for airtime, data, or voucher. Since our aim is to accumulate data, we will choose how to claim data.

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How to claim data reward on MTN

  1. Dial *550#.
  2. Choose option 7 – MTN Rewards
  3. Choose 99 – More
  4. Choose 2 – Redeem Reward Points
  5. Choose 2 – Data Bundle
  6. Based on your available reward points (which can be checked by choosing 1 at step 3 instead) you can select the perfect data package for you.

3. Free After One or MTN Nkomode

Free after One also known as MTN Nkomode doesn’t only allow you to enjoy free calls after the first 1 minute till the next 10 minutes, but it also gives you daily free data.

With this offer, you will be eligible to get free 50MB of data at any time you make a call for more than 1 minute with your call credit. This means you will not be given the 50MB if you fail to make a call for more than 1 minute on that specific day.

4. My MTN App

My MTN App is a very useful app for MTN users, with the app, you can check all the necessary statistics of your number including credit balance, SMS credit left, and data balance, you can also access your mobile money service on the app easily.

When you install MyApp on your smartphone for the first time, you get free 50MB of data which expires after 3 days.

5. Free data for inactive SIM

I don’t know the reason behind this, maybe it is a form of saying they miss you, but if you have an MTN SIM card that has not been active for 2 to 3 months, then it is time to insert it in a phone for a surprise data bundle.

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This may not for all SIMs, but per my observations, it works for most.

6. Terrific Thursday

Have you noticed that you get an additional data bonus whenever you buy a normal data bundle from MTN?

If you are not aware, then let me tell you more.

MTN Ghana gives its subscribers an additional 25% bonus on the first data bundle they buy on Thursdays. So when you are planning for cheap data packages then let Thursdays be your regular data buying time.


Thank you for reading up to this stage and we hope you have picked something new from it. Although some of the data that will be given is small but it is better than nothing. Keep coming here and we promise to update this post when there is something new.

Source: StreetWayz.com

Sharing Is Caring!
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