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Optus has truly made its mark when it comes to telecommunication in Australia, and it is still one of the most popular telecommunication companies in the country. Their large customer base is due to their ever-expanding business and constant need to improve in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile phone plan with the latest smartphone, a SIM for your current phone or a Prepaid plan, Optus is considered a great choice. As Australia’s second-largest network provider, Optus offers most of the perks, benefits, and customer service channels that Telstra does, but at a more reasonable price.

However, even though they’re such a large company, it doesn’t mean that they offer the best products in the market. So, if you’re thinking about cancelling your service because maybe you feel that the product isn’t what you expected or maybe the customer service is unacceptable, or that another company is offering a better product, whatever your reasons for trying to cancel your Optus plan may be, you should definitely check out this article to discover the quickest way to do it.

Hold on a minute!

Before continuing with your cancellation process, it is important to know that, Optus does not include a simple one-click cancellation feature on most of their services, which means that the only way you’ll be able to cancel your plan is by talking to them directly.

So in order to make your cancellation process quicker and easier, it is important to know why you’re cancelling before you call them. Whether the reason for your cancellation is, moving to a better plan, inconsistent connection, or that you’re simply not happy with the customer service.

Cancelling your Optus plan

  1. You have to contact Optus either by calling them or sending them a message on their 24/7 online chat platform.
  2. After speaking to Optus’ customer service and your cancellation request is approved, you have to confirm the status of your account once more.
  3. Check your bank statements to see if any more charges have gone through and if they have, then it means you have successfully cancelled your Optus plan.


I recommend checking your contract to see the terms of cancellation.


Even though Optus is widely known and very popular across the country, it doesn’t mean their offers are perfect or suitable for everyone. I hope the short and simple steps above have helped make cancelling your service with Optus a little bit easier. In the event that you are still having some issues cancelling your service, get in touch with them on social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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Sharing Is Caring!
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