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Treasured snapshots deserve to be printed, framed, and displayed for all to enjoy. Don’t let precious memories languish unseen on your devices. Bring photos to life by printing them at Kmart; it’s easy and affordable! This comprehensive guide will reveal the myriad of printing options Kmart offers to turn your digital images into lasting keepsakes.

Printing photos at Kmart allows you to create custom wall art, photo books, mugs, calendars, and more with your favorite shots. Express your personality and style by designing personalized collateral that celebrates the special moments in your life.

With quality printing on Kodak paper, vivid colors and crisp details shine when photos are transformed from screens to prints. Kmart empowers you to become the editor and curator of your own photo collection. Crop, edit, filter, enlarge, and arrange pictures before printing. Their user-friendly online and kiosk tools make it simple to prepare photos for printing.

Print individual snapshots, sophisticated collages, and enlargements up to poster size—perfect for decorating your home or office. Kmart provides convenient printing solutions. Order online for delivery to your door, same-day in-store pickup, or print directly from your smartphone at an instant kiosk. With multiple printing options, you can create lasting mementos from your photos in no time.

Printing photos from your well of cherished digital images is easier than ever, thanks to Kmart. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from using the Kmart website and app to printing instantly from mobile devices in store. Unlock creativity and preserve memories by turning your photos into framed prints, artful canvases, customized photo books, and more with Kmart’s diverse printing services. Print photos your way, with options to fit any project or budget.

Why print photos at Kmart?

Kmart makes printing digital photos easy and affordable. They offer a variety of print sizes, finishes, and products to display your favorite moments. You can upload photos and place orders on their user-friendly website or app. Or, print directly from your smartphone at an in-store kiosk.

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Kmart provides quality printing on Kodak paper. Their online editing tools allow you to crop, filter, and arrange photos before printing. Pick them up in-store or have prints delivered to your door.

Printing photos at Kmart enables you to create custom gifts and decor. Transform snapshots into canvases, posters, collages, mugs, calendars, and more. Create personalized products you won’t find anywhere else.

Printing Options at Kmart

Kmart offers diverse options for printing your photos and turning them into art. Consider the variety of products, sizes, and finishes when designing your prints.

Standard Photo Prints

The most common print is the standard 4×6 photo print. Kmart offers standard prints in glossy or matte finishes. Choose same-day pick-up or delivery. Standard prints start at just 9 cents each.

For wallet-sized prints, opt for 2×3-inch prints. Kmart also offers 5×7, 8×10, and 8.5×11 inch standard print sizes. Larger prints make great gifts or wall art.

Square Prints

Square photo prints like 5×5 or 8×8 inches have a modern, Instagram-style look. These evenly sized prints can be arranged in fun collages. Square prints at Kmart give you flexibility to crop photos uniquely.


For a big impact, print photo enlargements up to poster size. Kmart offers enlargements up to 24×36 inches. Giant prints are perfect for events, signs, displays, or murals. Enlarge a favorite photo or design a custom collage.


One of the most creative options is printing a photo collage. Select multiple photos and arrange them together in a single print. Add text like names or dates for a personalized touch. Kmart makes it easy to design custom collages up to 16×20 inches in size.

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For a fun dorm room or kids’ bedroom decor, try printing photos as posters. Posters up to 24×36 inches can showcase favorite pictures or inspirational quotes. Kmart posters are printed on semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors.


For a sophisticated wall art look, print photos on a wrapped canvas. Kmart offers several canvas sizes, from 8×10 up to 30×40 inches. Canvas prints have the appearance of a true artistic masterpiece!

Using the Kmart Photo Website or App

The easiest way to print photos from Kmart is by using their online photo services. Upload pictures, edit, and place orders right from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Create an Account

Start by creating a free Kmart account, either online or in the Kmart Photos app. This allows you to save photos and reorder prints later. Register with an email and password on the Kmart Photos website.

Select Photos to Print

Once registered, you can upload photos to print from your computer, social media, or cloud storage. Kmart makes it easy to gather all your favorite shots in one place. Upload in batches for big projects.

Edit Photos

Use Kmart’s editing tools to perfect photos before printing. Rotate, crop, remove red eyes, adjust lighting, apply filters, and more. Edit individual shots or batch edit for efficiency.

Choose Print Options

Select the print size, finish, quantity, and products for each photo. Order individual prints, multiples of one photo, or a collage. View pricing and see how prints will look before checkout.

Place Order

When your print order is complete, proceed to checkout on the Kmart Photos website. Review shipping options and the total cost before placing the order. Then just wait for prints to arrive!

Print Photos In-Store at Kmart

For same-day photo prints, visit a Kmart store instead of ordering online. Use the KODAK MOMENTS kiosks located inside Kmart stores.

Connect Mobile Device

The Kodak kiosks allow you to print directly from a mobile device. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the kiosk’s WiFi. Install the Kodak Moments app to transfer photos.

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Select Photos

Browse the photos on your mobile device and select images to print. Choose the number of copies and print size for each photo. Queue up multiple photos to print.

Edit and Enhance

Use the kiosk’s built-in editing tools to adjust and enhance photos before printing. Crop, remove red eyes, adjust orientation, apply filters, and more.

Checkout and Print

When finished, proceed to checkout at the kiosk. Review your order details and enter payment to complete printing. Then pick up your high-quality Kodak prints!

Print from Other Devices

In addition to mobile devices, the KODAK kiosks allow printing directly from Facebook, Instagram, cloud storage, USB drives, and memory cards. Media slots are built into the kiosk.

Convenience of Kmart Photo Printing

Printing photos at Kmart offers many advantages. Take your photos from digital to physical keepsakes and decorations with ease.


Kmart provides affordable print prices, with standard prints starting at just 9 cents. Sales and specials offer even lower rates on multiple prints.

Quality Prints

Prints are lab-quality and developed on Kodak paper for vibrant color and sharp resolution. Prints last without fading.

Many Products

Move beyond basic prints by creating canvases, posters, mugs, calendars, and photo books. Personalize with collages.

Editing Capabilities

The online and kiosk software makes it easy to crop, filter, adjust, and arrange photos before printing.

Creative Control

Take charge of your photo project. Choose exactly which pictures to print and select customized sizes and layouts.


Print anytime from home or upload on the go from your smartphone. With same-day pick-up, you don’t have to wait long for prints.

Print Timeless Memories at Kmart

Kmart’s photo printing services empower you to turn digital photos into tangible mementos. Capture your favorite moments from a vacation, holiday, or everyday life. Print photos to hang on the wall, display on shelves, or gift to family and friends. Showcase your best pictures for all to enjoy.

Transform memories from your phone or camera into quality prints that will last a lifetime. Follow this guide to print photos at Kmart in the way that works best for you, whether at home or in store. The options are endless: standard prints, enlargements, canvases, collages, and more. Plus, Kmart’s affordable pricing makes photos accessible.

Printing photos is a simple process with Kmart. Unleash your creativity and print photos today!

Sharing Is Caring!
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