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With every purchase, you help provide education, food, and care to children living on the streets of Ghana. Be part of the change today. Hurry! 10 bags left in stock now


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usb charging slot - charge like a boss

Do you need a backpack that keeps your phone and other devices powered up no matter where you go? This crossbody chest bag has you covered with a built-in USB charging port!

Here's how it works: Just connect your own portable power bank (not included) to the USB port inside the backpack. Then run the cable through the special port on the outside. Now you can easily charge your phone, tablet, or other USB device while walking, exercising, traveling - anything!

No more dealing with tangled cords or having to stop and dig out your power bank. Just plug in and keep moving hands-free. The backpack's charging port makes it super convenient to stay juiced up anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're exploring the outdoors on a hike, working up a sweat at the gym, or just going about your day, this backpack ensures your electronics never run out of battery. It's perfect for guys and girls on the go.

Ditch the bulky backpacks and stay light and mobile with this stylish crossbody bag. The charging port adds awesome functionality without sacrificing space or comfort. Stay connected effortlessly!

Multiple compartments

Are you fed up with digging through big, messy bags trying to find your stuff? This small shoulder bag is the solution you've been waiting for! It's the perfect size—not too big or too small—and keeps all your items neatly organized.

The design is simple and stylish, so it looks great while being super practical. The reinforced shoulder strap makes it really comfortable to carry around all day.

But the real magic happens inside the bag. There's a round extension pocket that's perfect for quickly grabbing items you need often, like your phone or headphones. The main pocket has plenty of room for slightly larger things like your wallet, keys, glasses, pens—you name it!

And don't worry about losing small items like coins or cards at the bottom of the bag. There's a zippered pocket on the front specifically for those kinds of things. No more frantic digging!

With designated spaces for everything, you'll always know exactly where to find what you need. No more wasting time frantically searching every nook and cranny. Just grab your bag and go!

quality waterprooof material

This sling bag is built to handle whatever life throws your way. The scratch-resistant material means no more ugly cuts or wear marks ruining the look of your bag. And forget about water damage - the waterproof, drop-proof design keeps your belongings bone-dry, even if you get caught in a downpour or take a tumble.

But this bag doesn't just look tough, it is tough. Made from high-density, waterproof, tear-resistant Oxford fabric, it can shrug off bumps, scrapes, and any other abuse without missing a beat.

No more struggling with annoying stuck zippers either. The durable metal zipper on this sling bag glides open and closed like butter every single time. You can access your stuff quickly and easily, day after day.

Whether you're headed to school, work, traveling, or just running errands around town, this sling bag has your back (and your gear!). Its rugged construction ensures it'll keep performing reliably for years to come with zero hassles.

Don't settle for a flimsy, poorly-made bag that needs to be replaced constantly. Invest in a sling bag built to last, with high-quality materials and smart features that make your life easier. Your future self will thank you!

Anti - Theft lock

Worried about sneaky thieves swiping your items? This anti-theft backpack keeps your stuff locked down tight. The main compartment has a lockable zipper, so you can easily secure important items like wallets, phones, and keys. No more paranoia every time you're in a crowded area!

As an extra layer of protection, there's a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back designed to stash your most prized belongings. Pickpockets and grab-and-go crooks won't even know it's there. Your possessions stay safe without any telltale bulges advertising what you're carrying.

But the defenses against thieves are just the start. This backpack is made with high-quality materials that give it an exceptional look and feel you'll appreciate daily. It's built to withstand lots of use and still look great year after year.

For added safety at night, the backpack's reflective design makes you more visible to traffic when you're on dimly lit streets or paths. The reflective strips are a smart feature that makes getting around after dark way less risky.

With its anti-theft features, durable construction, and night safety reflectors, this backpack covers all the bases for security and peace of mind. It's perfect for students, business professionals, travelers, or anyone wanting a well-made backpack that prioritizes protecting your belongings. Don't risk your valuables - get this anti-theft backpack!

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How Much Is The Anti-Theft Chest Bag? 

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GHS 249.99

  • Anti-Theft Chest Bag
  • USB Charging Slot
  • Multiple Compartments
  •  Shoulder Strap Zip pocket
  • Waterproof




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Place Your Order Below: Payment On Delivery. Price: GHS 249.99

With every purchase, you help provide education, food, and care to children living on the streets of Ghana. Be part of the change today.

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Benefits Of Shopping From Us

Peace Of Mind

The innovative anti-theft design gives you peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure from pickpockets while keeping your hands free.


The chest bag allows you to easily access your items without having to take your bag off. The compact size is perfect for carrying just what you need.

Fashion Swag

The sleek, stylish design lets you stand out from the crowd. You have our branded STREETWAYZ on it. You are part of our vision!

Social Support

With every purchase you help provide food, education, and care to children living on the streets in Ghana. Be part of positive change.

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 Sika Wura I use this Streetwayz anti-theft chest bag every day to work. The stylish design keeps my items protected from pickpockets in circle 😂.

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Bliss Queen I get so many nice compliments whenever I wear this fashionable Streetwayz chest bag. It also has great anti-theft features like slash-proof straps to stop thieves. I love it. ❤️😍


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 Faya Burns This bag lets me easily carry my phone, wallet, and keys securely when running errands. I feel peaceful knowing the anti-theft features keep thieves away 😊


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StreetWayz Anti Theft Chest Bag

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How does the anti-theft design work?

 The bag has several smart features to outsmart thieves like hidden zippers, cut-proof material, locking buckles, and RFID blocking technology. Your belongings will be secure.

What can fit inside the chest bag?

The 32*17*10cm capacity and multiple pockets allow you to carry all daily essentials like phone, wallet, keys, charger, passport, camera, snacks, and more.

Is the bag durable?

Yes, it's made of high-quality water-resistant canvas with reinforced stitching. The cut-proof material also resists slashing.

Can the bag be worn by both men and women?

Definitely! The unisex, urban design looks stylish on anyone. The adjustable strap customizes the fit.

 What are the payment and delivery options?

For customers in Accra, we offer payment on delivery. You can pay with Momo after receiving your bag. For customers outside Accra, payment must be made upfront via Momo before we deliver the bag. We will provide a quote for the additional delivery fee based on your location. After payment is received, your order will be packed with your details and delivered within 2–5 business days, depending on location.

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