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In this post, we will look at how to make an empty or blank space for Instagram highlights’ names. If you are looking for a way you can make an empty highlight name, then this post is all you need.

In late 2017, around December, the popular social media platform Instagram introduced its Highlights feature which allows user to categorize their status and also keep it there for more than 24 hours, unlike the status feature.

Instagram Highlights will require you to insert your highlight cover and name by default. But in some cases, you need only the cover with no name, that is why we have crafted this special post for you to deal with this issue.

How to use blank space for Instagram highlights name

if you don’t want the default Highlight name when you create a new Highlight on Instagram and also want to create an empty highlight name, follow these steps. We also have a video at the end of the post for further clarification.

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All the trick involves in there is a special character that acts as a blank character whenever you insert it either in your documents or whatever. We will use this black character in place of our Highlight name which will make it look like an empty or black highlight name.

1. Open your Instagram app

Open the Instagram app from your Smartphone. Make sure you have the updated version of the app.

2. Create your Highlight if you haven’t

If you do not have an existing Hoghligh that you want to it to have a blank name create a new one by clicking on the plus or new icon. This will have the Highlight as a default name or you can choose any other name.

3. Tap on your Highlight

After you have created your highlight, tap on the Highlight you want it nameless. This will open the Highlight.

4. Edit by Tapping more then Edit Highlight

At the bottom of the highlight screen, you will see more tap on it then select Edit Highlight. Android users will see it by clicking the menu or three vertically arranged dots at the top right corner then Edit Highlight.

5. Open your mobile browser and search for blank character and copy

This is the tricky part, go to google.com and search for a blank character, click any of the top 5 results or you can click here, then look for the button Copy to clipboard then click on it.

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6. Now back to your Instagram and paste the blank character at the name section.

At your edit screen of the Instagram Highlight, look for where you insert the Highlight’s name and paste tehe copied blank character and tap on save or done.

7. Save your work and that is all you have now set your Highlight to a nameless one.


Thank you for reading and hope this article has been of help. You can post your questions in the comment section for clarification.

Also do not forget to share with others that may find it interesting.

Sharing Is Caring!
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