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If are you looking for how to scan documents on android? Then you are in right place. Here we are sharing the best 5 Document Scanner apps for Android. All the apps are free and it is developed in India for true Indians.

Scanning an important document need a scanner to scan, but after smartphones, it is very easy to scan any type of document on Android. The present time, android comes with a high-quality camera that has megapixels to capture every part of nature.

If you don’t have a scanner machine then don’t worry here are some apps that can scan your documents and convert them to pdf format to send them to anyone using any social media like WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, or even by uploading to cloud storage and sharing a download link.

Here is one app that has an upload and restores feature. This app gives you access to upload scanned documents to your Google Drive and you can also restore it from there when you are buying a new phone. So below is the list of Indian Document Scanner App list. You can choose any one of them as per the features.

Best Document Scanner Apps in 2021

1. ScanX – Document Scanner and PDF Creator

ScanX is the best alternative to the CamScanner document scanner app. It is developed by Prathamesh Sutar for students. This is a pure Indian App.

You can scan any type of document and create a pdf file of that document. As well as you can convert it to .jpeg, .png or .jpg format. Scanning is done by using ScanX.

It has 6 filters to enhance document quality. Some documents are damaged due to some reason, but by using ScanX you can enhance them. Also, you have access to maintain brightness, contrast, saturation, and color temperature.

The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) scanner separates the text from any image you just need to capture a document and click on the OCR button then select text from the image. This is the best feature in case you need to copy some text from a document.

You can create a pdf of multiple images. This app gives you a feature that you can create a pdf of up to 10 images at a time.

Backup and Restore is the most popular feature of ScanX. You can backup your scanned documents as well as pdf to Google Drive. Also, you can restore from it. It is the best feature if your phone is stolen or you are migrated on a new phone. You can restore all documents and pdf on a new phone.

Sharing is the best part of ScanX. You can share your documents and pdf via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, and many more.

Download ScanX

2. Document Scanner (Made in India) – PDF Creator

Document Scanner is another best app to scan documents on Android phones. It is an Indian app that comes with 50 plus tools to edit and manage documents. Let us discuss more it.

Sometimes you need to scan one document at multiple times, but scanning multiple documents for more time is distracting. so here is a solution for that. The Document Scanner app will help you.

Document Scanner comes with a clean and minimal UI. That is enhanced for low-end devices. You can use the app on any android phone, but the camera needs good megapixels.

It is mainly made for Indians and is developed by Lufick. Lufick developed more apps but the Document Scanner is the most popular app from it.

The Document Scanner app comes with an image to pdf & pdf to image converter feature that is very helpful. Also, it has auto edge detection that why no need to crop or cut a document.

You can merge multiple documents in one document, you can also compress it to make transfer easy without losing the quality of the document. Large files are hard to share but using the Document Scanner app you can compress the documents without losing quality.

OCR makes it easy to copy text from any document. You can copy or highlight the text of any document using the OCR function. HIghlighter is the most part of this app. You can highlight any part of the document to remember or to the main part of a document.

You can add a signature as well as a watermark on any documents. Sometimes you need to sign on and scanned a document, then this app has an option to add a signature as well as you can fill up any form by using document scanner apps.

Like the ScanX app, you can back up your documents to cloud storage and restore them at any time.

Download Document Scanner Apps

3. Clear Scan: Free Document Scanner App, PDF Scanning

Clear Scan is the best app like its name. Clean documents with high quality you can scan any important Documents using a clean scan app. This app is rated for 3+ on the Google Play store.

Now convert your smartphone into a mini pocket scanner to scan documents anywhere. The Clean Scan is a free app that converts any document into a pdf format. It is very easy to scan and convert to pdf format.

Clear Scan lets you quickly scan any office, identity card, receipts, class notes, books, important documents, magazine, and anything that need to save on a device. This is the fastest to get a scanned document on your device with high quality and convert it into pdf or jpeg format.

You can convert any document in B/W format by toggling the b/w button on the right-hand side. Also, it has multiple effects to enhance the document. It auto effect automatically enhances the document using AI.

Creating folders is easy to manage more documents. You can categorize your documents, receipts, bills, class notes, or many more in different folders. It is the best Document scanner app for android.

Share your documents using Whatsapp, Facebook, email, and more.

4. Doc Scanner – Phone PDF Creator

Doc Scanner is a popular app that can be used for document scanning. It is mainly used to scan receipts, bills, books, and many more and convert them to a pdf form.

This is a simple app where the UI is optimized for easy navigation. I think it is a very easy app to scan documents and convert them to pdf format.

The app is optimized to get high-quality documents on your android phone. In this app, the page edge is optimized to detect automatically. You don’t need to adjust the edges, it is adjusted by the app itself.

You can set custom dimensions for pages like legal, A4, A3, letter, and more. some times the document has a legal size and you need to make it A4, then the DOC Scanner app will help you to do it.

You can print or fax your scanned documents anywhere. Also, you can convert it to a pdf form. and share the pdf and jpeg documents via WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and many more.

Download DOC Scanner

5. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft is the name that anyone can believe. Mainly Microsoft is a computer based company means they work on windows. In the last few years, Microsoft is developing apps for android.

The app from the Microsoft corporation is very smooth and easy to use. For that, the Microsoft Office lens is the best app for PDF scanners. You can scan any type of document as well as receipts, bills, class notes, books, and photos and convert them into a pdf form.

This app is easy neat powerful organize everywhere. The app was named “Best apps of 2015” in the US by Google Play.

The Office lens is like a scanner in your pocket to scan school hand-crafted sheets, notes, journals, and many more. You can capture your school handcrafts to share ideas with friends.

Increase productivity in your business by using Office Lens to capture and share ideas. 
Capture the whiteboard at the end of the meeting and keep those action items on track. Share OneNote meeting notes with your co-workers.

Scan and upload your notes, receipts, bills, and documents. Increase your productivity by cutting your time finding documents. Sketch your thoughts and scan for later.

It is the best app to scan important documents as well as any type of paperwork and make it digitized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Document Scanner App?

Document Scanner is an Android app, you can convert any paper document in the pdf or jpeg format using your android phone. You just need to install the Document Scanner app on Android.

Which is the best app to scan documents on android?

Per me, the ScanX is the best app to scan documents on android. This app has unlimited features that need to scan a document.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition or OCR means is a technology that converts scanned documents, and images to editorial text and searchable data.


Many of my readers asking for the Best Document Scanner Apps for Android. So here is a list of 5 apps that are used to scan documents using android. All the apps are free. You can choose any one of them to scan any type of document.

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