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In this post, we will look at the best solution on how to add birthday field to Hubspot. If you are looking for a way to add a birthday field to your HubSpot to track the birthdays of your customers then continue reading.

Originally, the default data type for birthdays on HubSpot is text, this makes it difficult if you want to do some things like sorting the date of birth of your customers. Another problem is; that it becomes difficult to differentiate between the months and days.

In order to add a birthday field to HubSpot, we need to create a custom field with the type object and also the field type Date picker.

How to add birthday field to HubSpot

  1. Open your HubSpot Dashboard.
  2. At the top right corner, click on the settings icon (the gear ⚙ icon).
  3. This will display a list of options. Under the data management section, click on Create property.
  4. In the first stage. Make the following settings;
    • Object type: contact
    • Group: Contact Information
    • Label: Birthday Date
    • Description: –Optional
  5. In the next stage. Make the following settings;
    • Field type: Date Picker
  6. Then click on the Create button.

Below is a video that will show you how to add birthday field to HubSpot.


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Sharing Is Caring!
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