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If you are an Indian in Australia whether as an International student, worker, or PR that wants to change your Motorcycle License to an Australian license, then this is the perfect post that will give you all you need.

Australia has some specified countries that have recognized their certificate. This may be some similarities in their license-acquiring process and tests. But unfortunately for Indians, India is not part of these countries.

If you are Indian and want to convert your Indian motorcycle license to an Australian license, then the steps below may be useful.

1. Visit any MVR Office with your documents

The first stage of this process is to visit any MVR office that is close to you. Click here for more info and addresses.

Before you go to the MVR office, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Download this form and complete it. [ L1 application for an NT driver/rider license].
  • Your Indian Motorcycle License – Translated to English
  • Original letter from the Indian licensing authority in English
  • Evidence of identity and residence

Note that, there will be an eye test, and a photo taken. You will be required to also pay a license fee.

Also, you will be required to pass both the theory test and the practical riding test before your license can be converted.

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2. Write and pass your theory riding test

After step 1, you will need to pass a theory test which will be conducted at the MVR office or online. Click here to read more about the test.

Make sure you make the necessary preparation before writing. There are a lot of resources and classes to help you pass.

After passing, you must pay the license fee and receive a temporary license good for a year.

Interim license

With your interim license, you must follow the below conditions applied to it.

Class C Interim license

If you have a class C interim license, you can only drive with a full NT license holder in the front passenger seat – XH.

You can’t exceed 80km/h – XI.

And you can only drive with zero blood alcohol concentration – XJ.

Class R Interim license

If you have a class R interim license, you can only ride with zero blood alcohol concentration – XK.

You can’t exceed 80 km/h – XM

You can’t carry pillion passengers – XN

And you can only ride a learner-approved motorcycle.

To get the list of approved motorcycles, go to the New South Wales Government’s website.

3. Pass your practical riding test

You must also pass a practical riding test. Before that, check the riding test (motorcycle license) through the pre-provisional rider training course.

After you have passed your tests, you must submit your test sheet to an MVR office. The MVR will then upgrade your interim license.

If the MVR can’t determine how long you’ve held your overseas license, you may receive a provisional license for:

  • 2 years if you’re under 25 years old
  • 1 year if you’re 25 years old or older.
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If the MVR can’t determine how long you’ve held your overseas motorcycle license, you may receive a restricted rider license for 12 months.

If your interim license expires, you will only be eligible to apply for a learner license.

4. After the Application

After your application, you’ll get a driver’s license receipt that can be used as your authority to drive until you receive your Australia driver’s license card. Your overseas driver’s license will become invalid for use in Australia.

You must carry the receipt with you at all times while driving and follow any conditions that are printed on your receipt.

Your license will be sent to your nominated postal address. You should allow standard mail delivery times for your area.

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