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In this post, we’ll look at how to delete JPay account. If you have an account on the JPay platform and don’t want to use it again for whatever reason, then the only option left is to delete it. This post will give you the latest guide on how to delete your JPay account in [year].

Before we move to the steps, let us look at what JPay is. JPay is a platform that allows family, friends, and loved ones to send money, messages, videos, and audio to inmates or prisoners.

Inmates can receive their money, messages, and media files through a JPay player, tablet, or any available JPay tool booth.

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How to Delete JPay Account in [year]

If you want to delete your JPay account, JPay does not have a delete option that you can quickly delete the account yourself. However, we’ve found three ways you can tell the company to delete your JPay account.

You can use any of the methods below or combine two to be sure your message gets to them.

  1. By using their contact form.
  2. By Calling their support.
  3. By sending an email.
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By Using the Contact Form

You can use the contact form on the website to request account deletion. Follow the steps below to request account deletion.

  1. In your browser, go to the web address: https://www.jpay.com/contactform.aspx.
  2. Enter all the required fields i.e. your name, email, and phone number which is optional.
  3. Select Billing, Payment, and Account as Subject.
  4. In the message field, enter the reason why you want to delete your account and add your account detail.
  5. Click on Submit and you will get an email that your message has been submitted successfully.

By Calling Support

Another effective way to request an account deletion is by calling the support team on the phone. In this case, you get a rep on the phone to listen to all your problems. This is my preferred way because in this case, you are talking to the person live.

You can call the JPay support team on their 24-hour phone support at (800) 574-JPAY (5729). Then request for account deletion.

By sending an email

Our final method is by sending an email to the support to request account deletion. This method is also effective and similar to the first method which is by using their contact form.

Send an email to support@JPay.com with the heading Request for Account Deletion.

In the message body, type in the reason why you want to delete your account and other proof that the account belongs to you.

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Things to do before deleting your JPay account

Before you delete your account on JPay, make sure you have decided and with a reason why you want to delete your account so that you won’t regret it later.

Also, ensure you have removed all subscriptions.


What happens when you delete an inmate from JPay?

When you delete an inmate from JPay, you won’t be able to send and receive messages, money, or files from the inmate and vice versa.

Can I cancel JPay account?

You can cancel your JPay account by sending an email to their support email at support@jpay.com.

How to Delete JPay account?

You can delete your JPay account by sending an email to the support team or using their contact form.


Thank you for reading, we hope by now you know how to delete Jpay account by contacting the support team through the contact form, call and email.

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Sharing Is Caring!
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