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This post will show you how to program Bell remote to TV without codes. This has been the searches of many Bell Remote users online especially when you buy a brand new TV.

Although, there is no way you can program you can program your Bell remote to your TV without using the Universal code. Trust us, we have gone the extra mile to help you solve connect your Bell remote to your TV.

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How to program Bell Remote to TV Without Code

This question pops up mostly when you are using a new brand television that is not popular and not known in the market.

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Bell only made a list of some of the popular TV brands and their Universal code, but if you have a brand that isn’t listed amongst what Bell provided, then you need to find it yourself. In thus case we will give you some ways to do that.

1. Go to https://www.urcsupport.com/

The URCSupport website contains a database of all remotes and their universal codes to almost all TV brands. This is most useful because the remote manufacturers may not have an update of these new TV brands.

2. Search for Bell

On the website, search for Bell either in the search for brand or product search field.

3. Select Cincinnati Bell FiOptics

After typing Bell, Cincinnati Bell FiOptics will appear, click on it to move to the next stage of the process.

4. Click on Titan URC2056B0.

You will see an image of the Bell remote, click on Titan URC2056B0 below the picture of the remote.

5. Click on SETUP

At the far right of the page, click on the SETUP from the navigation many. This will navigate to the setup options of the remote.

6. Click on Add New Television

At the right side of the page, click on Add New Television.

7. Search for your TV brand and select it.

Start typing the brand of your Television, this will show a list of all TV brands that match your enterered query. Click on your TV brand. If it doesn’t display, then yours isn’t part of the their database.

8. Enter your TV model if you know.

Click on Enter model number if you know the model number of your TV, else click on I do not know the model number.

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9. The TV code will be displayed.

After going though the above process, your TV code will be displayed. Copy it or write it down to program your remote to your TV.

Now that you have known how to get your Television code even when your TV brand is not available on the Bell support website, we assume this has helped you get the code and somehow indirectly answers your question how to program Bell remote to TV without code.

Let us look at how you can program your Bell remote to your TV using the code you have gotten.

How to Program Bell Remote to TV – Slim remotes

The guide below will give you a step by step guide to program your Bell remote to your Television yourself.

1. Press and hold TV key

Look on your Bell Remote for the TV key and press and hold till the AT, AUX and VCR light up.

2. Release TV key

After the three indicators show up, release the TV key and it will start to flash after the release.

3. Enter enter your TV code followed by #.

Enter the TV code you got and end it with the # key, e.g. if the code 1234 then enter 1234#. After that the TV indicator should flash three times.

Alternatively, if you are using a satellite remote, try the steps below.

How to Program Bell Remote to TV – Satelllite remotes

1. Turn on your TV and your Satellite TV receiver.

Make sure your TV and Satelite TV receiver are all turned on.

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2. Press and hold the options key.

Now on your remote, press and hold the option key for three seconds until the green light blinks twice.

3. Enter your TV code.

Enter the TV cdoe of your TV brand. If not listed on Bell’s page yo can use the method above to get the TV code for your TV brand. Make sure you enter the code within 10 seconds if not you have to start again.

Take note of the following indications:

  • If the code is correct, the green light will blinks twice.
  • If the code is incorrect, it lights up for two seconds.

4. Press and hold the Power Key until your TV turns off.

After you have the green light blinking twice, press and hold the power key on your remote.

This process could take up to five minutes (or up to 15 minutes if searching all brands). As the remote cycles through the codes, the green light will gently blink.

5. Let go of the power button and press select.

Now release the power key and press the Select key. The green light will blink twice.

Sharing Is Caring!
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