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Running low on data for your Optus sim card? Or do you simply want to keep a sim card alive? (it is recommended by some telecommunication operators to top up your sim card if you will not use your sim card for an uncertain period of time). You can top up in a few easy steps. In this article, I will show you how you can recharge, top-up or purchase data for your Optus Prepaid Mobile Phone or Mobile Broadband service.

Topping up with the “My Optus App”

In order to recharge your Optus phone with the My Optus App, you must have the app installed on your device. If you do not yet have it and you want to recharge your Optus mobile phone in this way, you will need to download it from Google Play Store or the AppStore. You can also get it directly from the Optus Website. Now, follow these steps to recharge your Optus mobile phone:

  1. First, you will have to open My Optus App and select Recharge
  2. Select the payment option you want to use
  3. Swipe to select recharge amount
  4. Select Pay and follow the prompts


You will need your credit card for the process.

Topping up with SMS

Now, this method is really easy, all you have to do is to text the word MENU to 9999 from your Optus Prepaid phone and follow the prompts.

Other Methods

There are other ways to recharge if you want. You can top up or purchase data for your Optus Prepaid Mobile Phone or Mobile Broadband service by using the methods below:

  • If you prefer a phone call, then you can do so by dialling 555 from your mobile to pay by credit card or redeem a pre-purchased voucher (this method can be done even when out of credit)
  • You can visit optus.com.au/voucher to redeem a pre-purchased voucher
  • You can also recharge or purchase vouchers at Optus stores
  • Finally, you can purchase vouchers at participating stores


Congratulations! If you followed these steps till the end, then you have successfully recharged your Optus mobile phone.


You also have an option of enabling Auto Recharge. This lets you set up an automated recharge for when your prepaid plan expires. You can keep in control of your auto recharge in the My Optus App

To set up Auto Recharge, select AutoRecharge on the selected Prepaid plans.

As always, remember that you can browse through other content below. Also, you can comment below if you have any questions or challenges, you can also suggest another method that works in the comment section below.

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