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In this article, we will look at how you can set up Amaysim Voicemail and answers related to some most asked questions pertaining to Amaysim voicemail.

Before diving deep into setting up Amaysim voice, we will first look at what Amaysim is and a little introduction about the company.

Amaysim is an Australian telecommunication network based in Sydney that provides an amazing mobile plan for its users. They also have very good data plans that are loved by their users.

In terms of customer service, Amaysim has an active customer support team that is always available to assist you in case you are stuck and need help.

In the year 2022, Amaysim received top awards including the Best Rated Mobile Service Brand Finder 2022 and Best Prepaid Provider International Calls
WhistleOut 2022. You can read more here.

Amaysim Voicemail

Amaysim gives you an opportunity to get information from your callers even if you’re out of coverage area or your phone is off.

With this voicemail service, you can leave your callers a voice note when your phone is out of reach. Also, voicemail allows your callers to leave you up to 300 seconds (5 minutes) of voice notes so that you can listen to them later when you get to where you have network coverage.

This Voicemail feature becomes very useful when you are abroad. This is because you can listen to all messages sent to you through your voicemail while abroad.

Features of Amaysim Voicemail

Max message capacity40 voicemails
Number of days the message remains in your voicemail box30 days
Listened messages will be deleted after10 days
Introduction or Greeting message length180 seconds
The maximum length of a voicemail message300 seconds

If you are on any of Amaysim’s UNLIMITED plans, you get unlimited access to voicemail included in your plan, but PAY AS YOU GO subscribers will be charged 15c/min for voice mail access.

How to Set Up Voicemail Message

It is very easy to set up your Amaysim Voicemail. To active Amaysim voicemail, call the shortcode 321 and follow the voice prompt. The following are what you will be required to do when activating.

You will be asked to enter a PIN code, record your name, and also set your greeting or personal message. This is the first message that will be played to the caller when your network isn’t available.

You are encouraged to change your PIN immediately after setting up your personal greeting message. Make sure you chose something that you can easily remember and also very hard for others to guess if not impossible for them to guess.

After activating your voicemail on Amaysim, you need to set up your voicemail on your phone.

How to Access Your Voicemails on Amaysim

Subscribers of Amaysim can access all their recorded voicemails by dialing 321. Whenever you receive a new voice message, you will be prompted by an SMS that you have a new voicemail in your voice mailbox This voicemail will be kept in your mailbox for 30 days.

How to Access Your Voicemail When You Are Overseas

When you are not in Australia or roaming or overseas, you can access your voicemail using international roaming.

There are two ways you can do these. The steps are given below;

Method 1

  1. Text the letter A to the shortcode 321
  2. Within a short time let’s say 30 seconds, your roaming mobile will ring by the system.
  3. Follow the voice prompt to retrieve your voicemails.

Method 2

  1. Dial +61 411 000 321
  2. You will be prompted to enter your Australian number without the country shortcode. (ie 04XX XXX XXX).
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN.
  4. Now follow the voice prompt to retrieve your voicemail.

How to Access your Amaysim Voicemails from another phone in Australia

You can access your voicemails on your Amaysim number from a different phone number or landline number by following the steps below. Note that there will a charge.

  1. Call 133 321
  2. You will be asked to enter your mailbox number. Enter the number in the format 03 XXXX XXXX.
  3. Press the # key at the end of the number.
  4. Enter the voicemail PIN.
  5. Press the # key after entering the PIN.
  6. Now listen to your voice messages.


How to turn off / Cancel Amaysim Voicemail?

You can easily turn off your Amaysim Voicemail by logging into your Amaysim account then navigate to voicemail and click on Turn off voicemail.

How how to fix Amaysim going straight to voicemail?

Change your call divert settings from divert all calls to divert if busy, and not active.

Does Amaysim have voicemail?

Yes, Amaysim has a voicemail service and this post is all about it.

How to check Amaysim Voicemails?

To check your Amaysim voicemails, simply dial 321 and follow the voice prompt. We have given other methods above.
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