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This post will look at how to set up voicemail on 3 UK. If you are using 3 mobile network and want to set up your voicemail, then this post is all you need.

Voicemail as you may already know is a voice message service that prompts your callers that you are not reachable or busy so they can leave a voice recorded message after a beep or a sound. You can listen to all your voicemail messages whenever you are free.

Know that, 3 network may divert all calls to your voicemail if you do not answer. But you may be charged when you are listening to your voicemail. To find the charges of the three network local and roam voicemail charges, click on this link.

How to Set Up Voicemail on 3 UK

Follow the steps below to set up your voicemail on the Three network in the UK.

  1. On your phone, call 123.
  2. You will be prompted to choose a new PIN, type the PIN followed by the # key.
  3. Confirm your new PIN and select #
  4. You’ll be asked to record your name as this identifies you when you send messages to other people
  5. Say your name clearly then press or tap the # key.
  6. If you’re satisfied with your name, choose 1. If you want to hear your name, choose option 2. Choose 3 to re-record your name.
  7. You will be asked to record a message for callers to hear when they arrive at your mailbox.
  8. Say your message clearly and then choose #
  9. If you are satisfied with your message, select 1. Choose 2 if you want to hear your message. Choose 3 to record your message again.

Also, after you have set up your 3 UK voicemail, do not forget to enable the voice mail option on your phone. This may differ based on the type of phone you are using.

How to Set Your 3 Voicemail PIN

If you want to change your 3 Voicemail pin, follow the steps below to do just that.

  1. Call 123 with your phone.
  2. Select option 4.
  3. Select option 2.
  4. Select option 1 to change your PIN.
  5. Enter a new PIN followed by the # key.
  6. Enter the PIN again followed by the # key.

How to Check Your 3 UK Voicemail Messages

If you want to check your voicemail Messages on 3 UK network, follow the steps below. There are three main ways you can access your voicemail messages, check them below;

  • Dialing 123 from your phone and following the instructions
  • Dialing 07782 333 123 from any other phone and following the instructions
  • Dialing +44 7782 333 123 from any other phone and following the instructions dialing +44 7782 333 123 when you’re abroad and following the instructions

In some cases, such as when calling from abroad, you may be asked for your voicemail PIN before you can listen to your voicemails.

How to turn off or remove voicemail on 3 UK mobile network

If you are not interested in using the voicemail service again, you can call the 3 UK number 333 to disable your voicemail. Alternatively, you can call 0333 338 1001 which will be at a cost.

Also, if you changed your mind after deactivating the voicemail service, you can reactivate it by calling the same numbers above; 333 or 0333 338 1001 at a cost.


Thank you so much for your time and we hope this post has been of help in setting up your voicemail on 3 number in the UK

Your comments, questions, and contributions are welcomed in our comment section below.

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