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Have you ever wondered why people go Idle on Discord? What is the meaning of idle on discord?

What is the meaning of Idle on Discord?

Idle on Discord is a status on Discord that indicates you have recently closed your discord app, you are away from your keyboard (AFK), or you are away from within a short time.

The idle status appears when you are not actively chatting or using your Discord account. You can enable the idle status if you wish to also relax for some time.

How to enable Idle Status on Discord (How to go idle on discord)

If you wish to go idle on Discord; you want to do something quick and come back, stay behind your keyboard relax small, take in some coffee or your keyboard is not reachable. Then the guide below will help you turn on the idle mode on Discord.

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Discord automatically turns on the idle status if your account is open but you are not actively using it for some time.

However, you can also enable the idle status on your account. Follow these steps to manually enable the idle status on Discord.

  1. Open and log in to your Discord account if you haven’t done that.
  2. On the mobile application, Tap on your avatar (profile picture) if you are using the mobile app.
  3. Tap on the Set Status settings. If you are using the desktop version you can just click on the get the same settings.
  4. Now from the list of statuses, choose Idle.
  5. After that, you will see the orange half-moon icon attached to your avatar.

How to remove your IDLE status in Discord

If you have enabled the Idle status and want to remove it, you need to follow a similar process you used to enable it to deactivate it.

  1. Open your Discord account.
  2. Tap on your Discord avatar.
  3. At the Set Status setting, choose any other status; mostly online.

Other Discord Statuses

Online: This online status shows others that you are available to chat and engage in all activities. You will receive both sound notifications and indicators.

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Do Not Disturb: You enable this status if you are available but do not want disturbances. This option will only send you notifications without sound.

Invisible: The invisible status allows you to hide on discord. You will have full access to your Discord account like chatting. People may see you as unavailable but you are active that is why you are invisible.

Set a custom status: You can also set your custom status. With this, you can choose your preferred name, icon, and durations it should be active.


It is useful to use the Idle status if you feel lazy or you are online but not actively chatting.

With this article, you have known the meaning of idle status on Discord, how to activate and deactivate the idle status, and the meaning of some other statuses on Discord.

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