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Tiktok is a platform that enables users to share short-length videos usually from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Users on this platform share a lot of prank videos, tricks, dance moves, jokes, and other forms of entertainment and funny videos. In this article, we will look at some popular Tiktok songs in [year] which can make your post go viral.

Now let us see the top songs, this post will be updated from time to time so keep visiting this page to discover more viral TikTok songs.

Top Popular TikTok Songs

1. Oh no TikTok song

This oh no no no no song has become so popular on almost all video sharing platforms not only on TikTok. We normally use this when things get wrong or in a video similar to the one below. You can open the video below in the Tiktok app and you the sound for your videos.

The Original name is Oh no by the artist Kreepa.

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2. these are my people this is my land TikTok song

This is a patriotic song that will be great for a patriotic-related TikTok post. This is an extract from Welcome to My House by Nu Breed & Jesse Howard. You can watch the full song here.

If you want to use this song for your TikTok video, then you can use the sound from the TikTok video below.

3. Run TikTok song

As the name shows, any run-related videos will suit this sound, but people mostly use it for prank videos. You can use the Run sound from the TikTok video below.

4. Whoopty – CJ TikTok Song

This is another song that is mostly used in gym TikTok videos but if you find it to suit any of your TikTok videos, then you can use it.

The song is titled Whoopty by CJ.

You can find a TikTok video with the Whoopty song below.

5. Nobody’s gonna know the TikTok song

Nobody’s gonna know the sound is mostly used on TikTok videos that teach new stuff and also surprising videos.

You can find the sound in the video and use the sound.

6. Small waist pretty face TikTok song

This is another trending TikTok song that is loved by the ladies mostly those with a small waist, pretty face, and also heavy backside as the song says.

The small waist pretty face is an extract from the song named Mean by $NOT ft Flo Milli.

You can get a TikTok video of this song below.

7. Tiktok changes clothes song

TikTok change clothes challenge has let us know the video editing capability and creativity among its users. TikTok change clothes songs have so many variations but the popular ones are below.


8. Cocoa butter kisses TikTok song

The Cocoa butter kisses TikTok song has been used in millions of TikTok videos. This is a song by Kaash Page. The title is a love song – bonus but most of us call it cocoa butter kisses, sin that is an extract from the that we love most.

Check the Tiktok video below for the song.


when you don’t look how you sound πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #lovesongs #kaashpaige

♬ Love Songs – Bonus – Kaash Paige

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9. Skrrr Tiktok song

The Skrrr Tiktok sound is a part of the song Ski Mask the Slump God by Foot fungus. This sound has been used in about 5M TikTok videos. You can find the sound in the attached TikTok video attached below.

10. Peepeepoopoo Tiktok song

The Peepeepoopoo TikTok song is mostly used in TikTok memes and funny videos. You can use the video below for the sound.


14. 321 go TikTok song

15. What you know about rolling in the deep TikTok song

16. Swear to God TikTok song

17. Put your head on my shoulder TikTok song

18. Waking up in the morning TikTok song

19. I could be brown I could be blue TikTok sound

20. Have you ever been in love TikTok sound


The songs above are some popular TikTok songs or trending TikTok sounds you can use on your post. These trending songs will let your posts go viral because most people follow TikTok sound whether in a challenge, dance moves, or other reasons. Using these songs will make your posts available to others who follow these sounds or songs.

Thank you for reading and know you have discovered a lot from this post. I will be much grateful if you could share this post with a friend this post may be useful to them.

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Sharing Is Caring!
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