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If you are asking “What do smt mean on Instagram”, then this post is all you need. In this post, we will explain the various meaning of smt on Instagram, when to use it and how to use it, and the best time to use it.

smt is a social media abbreviation that means sucking my teeth or smiling to myself or send me this. This is mostly used not only on Instagram, also on other popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

Now that you have known various meanings of smt when used on Instagram, let us look at ways we can use them and some use cases of this abbreviation.

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Meanings of smt on Instagram

As stated earlier we have three meaning of smt on Instagram which includes; “sucking my teeth”, “smiling to myself”, and “send me this”.

We will look at the appropriate usage of each of the definitions above.

Using smt as sucking my teeth on Instagram

If you want to use smt as “sucking my teeth” is a way of giving a second thought before answering or replying. This is a common expression that we use in real life and the video below shows expresses it clearly.

Sucking my teeth

We use it in this way to think before answering a question, especially when we are not sure or specific.

Example of a conversation that used smt.

What do smt mean on Instagram?

Using smt as smiling to myself on Instagram

As the meaning goes, smiling to self. There are many ways one can smile at himself or herself. This may be in a form of appreciation, gratitude, and even funny or joke stuff.

On Instagram, we normally use smt to show gratitude and appreciation, for example, an interesting topic or a post that concerns you.

Also, when you see a post to be funny, what do you normally do, smt, so you can comment smt.

Using smt as Send me this

If you have seen a picture or a video that you want in your dm, then you can use smt for the user to send you the video of the video or image in your dm. This will allow you to share with others.

This is not used mostly unless you know the person very closely and even have your other social media handles such as WhatsApp and others. You can not use this with anyone and also people with huge followers.

The best way to use it is to forward the post in their DMS with the smt, in this case, the one who posted won’t hesitate to send it to you on other platforms if it is shareable.


Thank you for reading, and we hope this post has helped you with the meaning of smt on Instagram if you were wondering what do smt mean on Instagram.

You can contribute by adding more meaning of smt and if possible how to use it in the comment box, this is because I know some industry-specific meanings of the abbreviation SMT.

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