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If you are searching for Whatsapp Status Video on your device, then you have come to the right place. Today we are sharing the best method to download Whatsapp Status Video on your device. Whatsapp Status is one of the best methods to show your feelings to others. recently WhatsApp has a limited status videos to 15s because of lockdown. It serves load on online servers.

WhatsApp status video is specially used to impress or show your feelings through it. There are many sites are provide Videos for WhatsApp Status. You can use these sites for WhatsApp Status Video download. Today, we are sharing the best methods to download and save WhatsApp Status on your device.

What is Whatsapp Status Video?

It is the best feature of WhatsApp, you can use it for marketing, sharing information, wishing to anyone, or many tasks you do by using Status features. If you are a businessman you can use the status features for marketing your products. You can upload your product to your status and write a beautiful title for your product.  People see your status on WhatsApp and if they like them they can ask yours for delivery.

Many popular companies use this feature for product marketing. WhatsApp has released its other version for business is WhatsApp Business. It is the best WhatsApp app to do marketing through WhatsApp. It’s the best feature I like is auto-reply. WhatsApp Business has a great feature of auto-reply, If you are doing work WhatsApp sends some messages to people who messaged you.

Whatsapp Status video download is not a big deal. You can download another WhatsApp status on your device. Are you excited to know How to do it? so read the post till the end. Here we are sharing the most powerful way to download and make Whatsapp Status Video on your device.

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Download Whatsapp Status Video

There are 5 ways to Download Whatsapp Stats Video on your device. You can choose any way to download videos for status. Many sites and services provide these features for free, some of them are paid. But, here I am sharing the freeway to download WhatsApp status. So without wasting time let’s get started.

1. Download WhatsApp Status Video using sites

Here I am sharing the top sites which are shared Royal, Stylish, and Cool WhatsApp status for free, so you can download status from there. You choose any category of the video to download. Also, you can share it with anyone on WhatsApp or any social media. All the status of these sites is in the 15s. You can easily put videos on WhatsApp. So below is the list of sites that provide WhatsApp status for free of cost.

#1 Status Lagao

Status Lagao is one of the best sites to download status on your device. It has its own video player to preview the video before downloading which means you can watch the video on this site without downloading. After the preview, if you want to download, you can download the video by the download button.

On this site, you have all privileges to choose any category of video. Also, it offers request service to people, so people can request them to make a status video of their choice.

#2 Video Song Status

It is another awesome website that provides love, movie song Status for free. You can download any movie song status video for free from this website. There are many movie collections is available on this site. You can choose your movie category also you can search for a movie by its name and download royal videos on your device.

2. Download WhatsApp Status Video using the App

Here is the best method to download Status for Whatsapp by using an app. Some developers created apps to download any kind of status for you. In these apps, you don’t need to download any video for Whatsapp status. You can just select the video and click on the status button to directly put it to your Status.

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Also, here are some apps that provide services to download Status for Whatsapp. You can download multiple videos by using this app in your gallery. So below is the list of the best apps for Whatsapp Status.

1) Helo

Helo is the most popular and powerful app for any type of status. By using this app you can download status for Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. People use the Helo app to download and share beautiful status with anyone. So you can download as well as share your made status with others to get popularized.

I am also using this app for 1 year. I have downloaded many statuses from this app and also I have shared many statuses with others. If you want to download this app the download link is given below. Download Helo

Updated On23 April 2020
App Size39 MB

2) ShareChat

The alternative if the helo app is ShareChat. It is also one of the popular apps to download Whatsapp Status Videos on your device. In this app, you can download as well as share your made video on it. But, there is little difference in this app you have an option to set a category as well as you can add #tags in the ShareChat app.

It means people also search status videos by using #tags. It is most important for marketing. The #tags are like Twitter, People use #tag to mentation their place or moment there using #tags. So you can download this app on our site. Below is the download link to ShareChat. It is the lite weight app for android, which means it does not take a large memory to work. Download ShareChat

Updated On15 April 2020
App Size22.54 MB

3) Roposo

Roposo is also a Whatsapp status app. It is not much popular but it offers many features related to the above apps. In this app, you will also get downloading and sharing features like Helo & ShareChat. It has a great feature that is not provided in Helo & ShareChat is you make Status Video by using some default video editing utility in this app.

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You can also make a Business video using this app. I rate this app 8 out of 10. Because other apps do not provide these facilities. If you want this app, so you can download Roposo by using the download link which is shared below. Download Roposo

Updated On6 April 2020
App Size19.27 MB

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video using MX Player?

The Best and super way to download status on your device is using MX Player. How? are you interested in knowing it. So you can download status from your friend’s status by using MX Player. Yes, MX Player provides a feature to download status on your device without the internet.

First of all, you need to download MX Player on your device using Play Store or App Store. Recently we have shared the Pro version of MX Player on our site. You can download using the link which is given below.

Follow mine below steps to download Whatsapp Status using MX Player.

  • First of all download and install MX Player Pro Apk on your device.
  • Then open the MX player app and navigate to the right-hand side 3 dots. Appears a menu from there and select the WhatsApp saver option from the menu.
  • It will show you all of your Whatsapp statuses then you can select your favorite status and click on the download button. The status will be saved in a second on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Download Status video from WhatsApp?

It is a very easy task to download from WhatsApp. You can download the Status video from WhatsApp using MX Player. Also, you can download it by going to your File Manager » Internal Storage » WhatsApp » Media » .status folder. Copy your status video and paste it to any other folder in your Storage.

What is the best video status app?

Helo & ShareChat is the best app to download WhatsApp status for free. You can download unlimited Status videos on your device using these 2 apps for free. You can download these apps from the download section which is available in the above section.

How long video can be uploaded on WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp has limited its video duration to 15s because of lockdown. The 30s video makes the load on internet servers, also it takes time to load. If you want to put a 30s video on WhatsApp you need to put it in 2 parts of the video.

Which are the best sites to download WhatsApp Status Video?

Here I am sharing 2 sites to download the Status video for free in the above section. Also, I have made a piece of detailed information about these apps in this article.

Final Words

I have shared the information about How to download Whatsapp Status Video on your device on Techlocust visitor’s demand. So if you have any problems or doubts related to this article put your response in the comment section.

Sharing Is Caring!
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