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This post is all about how to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone devices. There are times when you will notice that the number of subscriptions on your iPhone keeps growing.

It is very embarrassing and at times doesn’t just feel OK if you have a list of expired subscriptions right after your active subscriptions. If this is your problem, then continue reading this post and you may find something useful.

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How to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone

The simple answer to the above problem is you cannot delete an expired subscription on your iPhone. An expired subscription on iPhone will take one year to be removed from your expired subscription list.

However, there are two ways we can help you out if you really want this subscription stuff to disappear or manage it in a way that will prevent people from viewing it.

The two alternatives of deleting expired subscriptions from your iPhone device if you can not wait for it to disappear after one year, then you may choose to either log out from your iCloud account or lock your App Store with an app limit.

Let us look at how to do these two things.

How to sign out of your iCloud account.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your name or the name of the iCloud account used on your phone.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the next page till you the red Sign Out button.
  4. Tap on the Sign Out button.
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After going through the above process, all your subscriptions will be gone and you need to sign in again before you can access them, and to someone like me, I can never use an iPhone without my iCloud account not signed in.

If you can forget about your iCloud account. You can create a brand new account and sign in with it. After signing in with your new iCloud account, all your expired subscriptions will disappear.

The other alternative to hiding your expired subscription is using the app limit feature. Let us look at that in our next topic.

How set an App limit on App Store

This method also prevents others from accessing your App store and does not delete your expired subscription. Meaning people who have access to your phone may not get the chance to open your App store, then navigate to your subscriptions.

Let us look at the steps involved in limiting App Store using the app limit feature on iPhone.

  1. Go to Setting on your iPhone.
  2. Look for the Screen time and tap on it.
  3. Set up your screen time if you haven’t.
  4. Hit on App Limit.
  5. Go to Add limit.
  6. You’ll be asked to enter your screen time passcode. Enter it.
  7. From the list of apps look for App Store, you can also search for it and tap on it.
  8. Tap on Add at the top right corner of your phone.
  9. Then Tap on Next which is also at the top right corner.
  10. Select the app limit time. In our case, we selected 1 minute every day. This means the App store will be blocked after using it for one minute every day.
  11. Tap on the Add button located at the top right corner of your screen.
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We hope this post satisfies your demands regarding the query about how to delete expired subscriptions on iPhones. Although, there is no way you can get a delete option we managed to give you two alternatives; either by logging out of your current iCloud account and using a new one or by limiting the access to your App store to prevent others from viewing your subscription plans.

We are still keeping our eyes open on this topic, if in the future we get the delete expired button, we will let you know if Apple announces it. You can also comment in the comment section if you have any questions or contributions.

Sharing Is Caring!
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