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In this post, we will look at how to enable Gmail Offline Mode, of you are a desktop user this is one of the most useful features on Gmail.

Gmail is one of the most used email services, recently the email service giant has currently rolled out an update that will allow you to access the platform without an internet connection.

This is great work from the team because at times it gets frustrating when you can’t access your email mail when there is a cut in the internet connection.

How to Enable Gmail Offline Mode

  1. Open your Gmail account and make sure you’re signed in.
  2. In your Gmail account, click on the gear ⚙️ icon located at the top right corner of your Gmail page.
  3. Click on See all settings.
  4. On the horizontally arranged tabs, click on Offline.
  5. Then mark the check box to Enable offline mode.
  6. You can make changes to the other settings to your preferences.
  7. Click on the Save changes button located at bottom of the page.

What happens when you Enable Offline mode in Gmail?

When you enable Gmail offline mode, it will temporarily store your Gmail data locally in your browser. This will enable you to use the app efficiently without an internet connection.

You can read all read and unread emails, open attachments and also send email.

However, you can not receive new emails when you’re offline until you are connected to the internet. Also when you send an email in an offline mode, it’ll be saved in outbox and send immediately you’re connected to the internet.


We hope this article has been able to assist you in turning on the offline mode and what you can do with this offline mode.

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Sharing Is Caring!
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