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Do you want to be the first one to wish your LinkedIn connections a happy birthday? Do you want to make a lasting impression and strengthen your relationships on LinkedIn? If so, finding someone’s birthday on LinkedIn is crucial.

In this article, we will show you various methods to uncover the birthdays of your connections and make your birthday wishes more meaningful.

Why is Knowing Someone’s Birthday on LinkedIn Important?

Knowing someone’s birthday on LinkedIn can help you build strong connections and make a lasting impression.

Birthdays are a special occasion for people, and wishing them a happy birthday on time can show that you value the connection and are genuinely interested in building a relationship.

Moreover, birthday wishes can help break the ice and open up avenues for further communication.

Where to Find Someone’s Birthday on LinkedIn

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on LinkedIn on Personal Profile

The most straightforward method of finding someone’s birthday on LinkedIn is to check their personal profile.

Many LinkedIn users add their birthdate to their profile, and it is usually visible to their connections. You can find the birthday in the contact information section of the profile.

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Find Someone’s Birthday from their LinkedIn profile- Step by Step

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Search for the person whose birthday you want to find.
  3. Click on their profile to view their information.
  4. Look for the “Contact and Personal Info” section on their profile.
  5. If the person has made their birthday information visible, you will see it listed in the “Contact and Personal Info” section.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on LinkedIn on LinkedIn Events

Another way to find someone’s birthday is to check for any upcoming events in the LinkedIn events section. If a user has added their birthday as an event, it will show up in the events section.

Find Someone’s Birthday on LinkedIn Events – Step by Step

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account if you haven’t/
  2. Click on “My Network” from the top menu.
  3. Click on the See all, attached to the Celebrations (Beta).
  4. Click on the Birthdays located at the left sidebar of the page.
  5. Here you will see all the upcoming birthdays of your connections.

Tips for Wishing a Happy Birthday on LinkedIn

Once you have found the birthday of your connection, it’s time to wish them a happy birthday. Here are a few tips to make your wishes more meaningful:

  • Personalized Message: Instead of sending a generic birthday message, personalize your message by mentioning something about the person or your connection with them. It will show that you have put thought into your message and value the relationship.
  • Share a Memory: If you have interacted with the person in the past, share a memorable moment or experience you had with them. It will bring back fond memories and strengthen your connection.
  • Offer Help: You can also offer to help the person in any way possible. By offering to connect someone with someone in your network who could offer assistance, you are unleashing the unlimited potential of your network. By utilizing the power of your network, you are helping others achieve their aspirations and make a meaningful impact in their lives.
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Finding someone’s birthday on LinkedIn is essential for building strong connections and making a lasting impression.

With the methods outlined in this article, uncovering the birthdays of your connections is easy and straightforward.

So go ahead, find the birthdays of your connections, and make your birthday wishes meaningful. Happy birthday, wishing!

Sharing Is Caring!
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