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How to Record Screen on Android [Very Easy & Fast]

When comes to recording some screens of an Android then many of them think we need Screen Recorder. People record screens on Android for many reasons gamers record Screens on Android to record the gameplay of a game or many record statistics to show to the world.

If you are one of them and struggling to Record Screen on Android with Internal Audio then you have come to the right place here we are sharing a detailed guide on How to Record Screen on Android without any frame drop or any pixel drop.

How to Record Screen on Android using internal Screen Recorder

Some android phone comes with an internal screen recorder. Lenovo, Oppo, Realme, MI, Oneplus, Samsung, etc comes with Internal Screen Recorder. You can record any app screen with this screen recorder.

Some of them didn’t comes with an internal Screen Recorder. We have shared a guide on it in the below section. So come to the point it is easy to record a screen with Internal Audio if the company gives the option to record audio.

Newly launches Android Phones come with a screen recorder with internal or external audio. You have to find it in the setting. Setting » Additional Setting » Screen Recorder and then click on Internal Audio.

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So, How to Record Screens on Android using Internal Screen Recorder? Simply go to the app drawer and search for Screen Recorder and open the app and start the recording screen first to check internal audio recording is enabled.

The second option goes to setting » search for screen recorder or go to additional setting » then click on Screen Recorder.

Some recorder comes with options to adjust resolution and FPS. you can choose whatever you want.

How to Record Screen on Android using External Screen Recorder

This step is for those who are Android phones that don’t come with an internal screen recorder. Many Android phone companies don’t give screen recorders internally so in this scenario you need to install a third-party screen recorder app from the Google Play Store.

First of all, I want to tell you all external screen recorder doesn’t come with an internal screen recording option. But, some of them come with internal audio recording. Here is a list of Screen Recorders that has an internal audio recording option.

Omlet Arcade is the best screen recorder and Live stream app for Android. I recommend the Omlet Arcade Screen recorder to record android games. You can live stream android screens to Youtube, Facebook, or loco. You can record or stream internal audio and screen to various streaming platforms.

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The video below from YouTube is a recorded game. This shows that you can also record your screen whether being a tutorial or gameplay that you want to share with friends and others.


I have shared a method to record Screens on Android using internal and external screen recorders. If you have any questions or doubts related to this article then simply ask in the comment section and watch the above gameplay in FHD resolution.

Can I record the Screen on Android with Internal Audio?

Yes. You can record android Screen with internal Audio using an internal screen recorder and also using an external screen recorder. You just need to check before starting recording.

Which is the best screen recorder for android?

Mainly the internal screen recorder is the best screen recorder for android. But in some scenarios, some Android phones don’t come with an internal audio option. you can choose du screen recorder for that.

Sharing Is Caring!
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