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TikTok Duet is an amazing feature that has unleashed the talents of many users. In this article, we will look at how to see duets on TikTok. You can see your own or the duets of others or general duet videos and it’s us to let you know all.

How to see Duets on TikTok

There is no single-click button that allows you to see all duets, however, there are a couple of steps you can follow to watch duets on TikTok.

To watch duets on Tiktok, all you need to do is search “duets” without the quotation marks on the search box on TikTok.

Also, you can tap on either “#duet” or #duets” hashtags to see all duet videos because people mostly use these hashtags on their duet videos.

How to see Duets of a User on TikTok

The above method is a way to see TikTok duet videos but if you want to see duets of a particular user then follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Then tap on the Search icon 🔍 located at the top right corner of the for you page.
  3. You will be provided with a search box, type in “duet@username”.
  4. For example, if you want to see duets of John Legend whose username is @officialjohnlegend, then you need to type “duet@officialjohnlegend” without the quotes.
  5. This query will display all duets related to John Legend.
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Also, this happens mostly when you are watching original videos that are available for duets. When watching the video on TikTok, you will see “Top Duets: username”, you’ll see all the duets in that video.

How to See your Own Duets on TikTok

Below are some ways you see your Duets on TikTok.

The easiest way you can see a duet on TikTok is by searching duet@ your username. An example is “duets@techlocust” where techlocust is your username. This would display all the duets you have done in the search results.

Also what most people do is tap on your profile to see all the videos they have done and look for that specific duet video.

How to All See Duets of a Video

If you are someone who likes watching duet videos on TikTok then this is for you. The simple way to watch duet videos on TikTok is to search duet, this will give you a result of duets done by many TikTok users.


Thank you for reading this short article and we hope that this article has helped you to see other duet videos on TikTok and also how to see your own TikTok duet videos and finally how to watch duet videos of a particular TikTok user thank you for your time.

Sharing Is Caring!
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