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In this post, we will look at how to use PicsArt App by Technical Raza. PicsArt is one of the best mobile graphic design applications available for android and iOS users.

With this app, you can make amazing photo editing, manipulation, and other graphic design work like flyers which is very close or the same as making one on Photoshop or Illustrator on a PC.

Due to the power and capabilities of PicsArt, many creatives have made a lot of creative and eye-catching resources available to the public either for free or paid. These include; templates, vectors, fonts, and tutorials online of which Technica Raza has made an ultimate tutorial on how to use PicsArt by Technical Razi.

Top YouTube Tutorials on How to Use PicsArt

There are a lot of Tutorials that are available to teach you how to use the PicsArt app to make amazing graphic designs. After following these tutorials, you will be able to get your app and start putting some graphics, shapes, and texts together to make an amazing piece.

How to use PicsArt for editing

There are many tutorials available on YouTube that show you how to make photo editing but below are some of the top videos from great channels that teach PicsArt very well.


How to use PicsArt background remover

PicsArt’s background remover tool is an amazing feature in the app that makes it much easier to remove unwanted backgrounds from an image to make it transparent for your graphic work.

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This tool will let you remove image backgrounds with just a few clicks with the power of AI, your images will get rid of their backgrounds.

Below are some video guides that will guide you to remove to remove the backgrounds of an image using the PicsArt mobile App.

How to use PicsArt for video editing

You won’t believe it but it is true that you can use PicsArt for video editing. The first time I saw this, I thought this was clickbait till I update my app to realize you can now make your color grading, framing, and also insertions of texts and other stuff in your videos using PicsArt.

With the video editing feature, you can make short videos for your social media apps and also wishes messages. If you are into product marketing, you can use the video editing feature to make your promotional videos as well.

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Below are some tutorials that will guide you on how to make video editing with PicsArt.

How to use PicsArt for gacha

If you are someone who loves to make Gacha characters, then with the help of PicsArt, you can make gacha on your phone while sipping your coffee at the coffee shop.

Below is a video Guide that will help you make gacha using PicsArt.

How to use PicsArt without Paying

There is a free version of PicsArt that you can use to make some basic editing. But due to restrictions, people prefer the paid version which allows them to make use of the app to the maxim.

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The developers do this as a source of funds to support themselves and make sure they bring you new features that will be best for you. In order to use the paid version of PicsArt, it is advisable to pay for the hard work and effort they’ve put into this amazing app.

Although there are many mod versions that have been patched by other developers in order to use the paid version of the App for free but be careful with those apps since these mod apps can steal your data behind the scenes and send it to the patcher. So, whenever you are using a mod app, use it at your own risk.

If you are looking for how to use PicsArt premium for free then the only option is to use a mod app, which may cost you more than the price of the App.

Technical Raza is a Youtube channel that teaches how to use the PicsArt App, you can search for this channel for amazing video tutorials on PicsArt on YouTube which will help you from beginner to a pro. below is the channel of Technical Raza.


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Sharing Is Caring!
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