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In this post, we will look at the appropriate way to set up voicemail on Telstra mobile. Telstra is one of the largest telecommunication networks in Australia, it operates in mobile, voice, internet access, pay television and other services and products.

Before we dive into how to set up voicemail on Telstra Mobile, let us look at what Voicemail is; you can skip to the next heading if you already know. Voicemail is a feature that allows a caller to leave a recorded message, which the recipient may be able to listen to later. in Telstra’s case, they have renamed their voicemail service to MessageBank Greetings.

MessageBank is Telstra’s voicemail service that delivers customised or personalised recording when a person’s phone line is busy or unreachable. This also allows callers to leave a message for the recipient to listen to it later.

Steps to set up Voicemail on Telstra (MessageBank)

Follow the guide below if you want to activate your MessageBank on Telstra. This will be for mobile customers and upfront customers.

For Mobile Customers

  1. Dial and call 101. On some phones, you can access the voicemail number by just long pressing the 1 key.
  2. You will be guided by a voice command to set up your personal greeting.
  3. Then set up your MessageBank PIN. Make sure you remember this PIN to access your mailbox.

For Upfront Customers

  1. Open the MyTelstra App on your device.
  2. Tap on Services and select your service.
  3. Tap on the three dots located at the top right-hand side.
  4. Then select Manage your MessageBank to make the necessary changes.
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How to Turn Off MessageBank on Telstra

If for some reason you are no longer interested in the service, you can follow the steps below to deactivate it.

For Mobile Customer

  1. For those connected to NBN, Dial and call #99# to turn off MessageBank. This doesn’t come with any monthly cost.
  2. For those on Digital Office Technology (DOT), call 101 and follow the voice prompt to deactivate the service.

Also, you can click here and fill out the form below to deactivate MessageBank on Telstra.

For Upfront Customers.

  • Select Service from the Services drop-down menu.
  • Select Manage your MessageBank from the three dots in the upper corner of your screen.
  • Toggle your MessageBank on or off.


Sharing Is Caring!
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