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I know you are reading this because you are looking for the best sounds to get water out of the phone speaker. In this article, we will let you know some selected best sounds that can blow the water out of your phone safely.

Before you try this out make sure you have done the necessary checks. These include cleaning the water from your device and also trying to shake it with care to get the water out of the system.

Also, make sure you clean all open ports nicely and cautiously to avoid destroying any of the ports.

Also, some phones come with a feature that allows users to blow the water out of their phones. If you have such features make sure you try them.

If you have tried all the above but you still feel that there is still water in your speaker, then here comes the sounds below that will help to blow out all water from your speaker to avoid the water damaging your speaker completely.

You should also try using these sounds to blow water from your speaker even if you are unsure that water is still in your speaker.

But one thing you need to take note of is that; only do this when the need arises, because playing these sounds frequently may gradually spoil your phone’s speaker.

Sounds to Get Water out of Phone on YouTube

1. 2 minutes sound to get water out of phone by nBeast

2. 1 Hour 165 Hz Pure Tone (Remove Water From iPhone / Speaker)

3. iPhone Water Eject Sound

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With the above videos above, you get rid of water that has entered your device either an android device or iPhone. You can also get some of these sounds from Soundcloud.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this short article, we will be very happy if you could share it with friends and family who may be in need of this article. Keep visiting Techlocust.

Sharing Is Caring!
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