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The PogO Twitch emote is another type of the Pog range of emoticons, and PogU is a type of the well-known Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez’s face.

The actual emote is an altered version of the famous PogO face. However, the lips are closed, which creates a strange appearance.

What is the Meaning Of The PogO Emote?

What does PogO refer to on Twitch? The meaning behind the PogO emoticon is a matter of debate, and its usage varies among users on Twitch. Many will nevertheless make use of it as a signal of indifference or disinterest with the streamer or anyone else on chat is talking about. They are basically declaring, “Who cares?” or “Cool Story Bro !”.

How to Use the PogO Emote

PogO is a BBTTV and FFZ’s, emote, so you’ll need to use one or another browser extension installed to access and use it. It’s only visible and accessible on desktops and mobile devices. On mobile, you’ll only see the word “PogO” typed in a chat. The streaming service you’re watching must also have it activated; else, you won’t be able to access it. Here’s how to get BTTV or FFZ:

  1. Go to the FFZ or BTTV website to download the extension for the browser you prefer to use.
  2. Install and then activate the extension.
  3. You will be able to utilize the PogO emote. You may need to refresh the page after installing the extension.
  4. There are a few extra features that you can access in your browser. If you’d like to use a feature built into the extension, click”Cog Wheel” under any chatbox on a streamer. Simply select the extension’s options from the dropdown menu.
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Where does PogO come from?

It is unknown the date PogO began or who came up with it. It was initially posted onto FrankerfaceZ via user permantlyBanned. The emote was released on the 20th of October in 2019 and was used in 7,808 sets until it was removed on January 7th, 2021, following its ban by the Pog Champ ban was lifted on Twitch.

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When Should I Use The PogO Emote?

You should utilize the PogO emote when you need to signal that you’re not at all interested in what people have to say.

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