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If your question is why does YouTube keep switching to light mode? Then this post is all that you need because we will explain why and how to fix this issue with our comprehensive guide below.

Why does YouTube keep switching to light mode?

The YouTube app has two main modes, these include the dark mode and the light mode whether you are using the mobile app or the web version. This is a very useful feature for beautifying your display and plays an essential role in our eyes.

Most people find it uneasy when watching the white screen for a long time, and vice versa. Although this might be an individual preference but also the environment also counts.

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Now let us answer the question; why does YouTube keep switching to light mode? These include many factors but the main ones include; setting the appearance mode to Use device theme instead of choosing the Dark theme. Also, this could be corrupted app or browser data and many more.

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How to fix YouTube keep switching to light mode

There are many ways you fix this issue, depending on your issue and the cause of your problem. Below are some ways you can fix this Youtube keeps switching to a light theme.

Changing the Appearance Settings to Dark theme

The first thing on our list is to check whether your Appearance setting is set to Dark mode. If you choose “use device theme”, this option will select the light mode when you have light mode enabled on your device and the dark theme when you have dark mode enabled.

So it is advisable to choose a Dark theme as your appearance setting and we will show you how to do that in case you are facing challenges changing it.

How to change YouTube’s appearance to Dark theme – Web

  1. Open YouTube.com
  2. If you have logged in to your account, click on your profile image.
  3. Alternatively, if you have not signed in, click on the three vertically arranged dots icon, located in front of the Sign in button.
  4. From the list of menus that will drop down, click on Appearance.
  5. Then choose Dark theme from the three options.

How to change YouTube’s appearance to Dark theme – Mobile App

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. If you have signed in, click on your profile picture or click on the three dots (menu icon)
  3. Now tap on Settings from the list of menus that will appear.
  4. Tap on General.
  5. Then tap on the Appearance menu.
  6. Choose Dark theme from the three options that will pop up.
  7. You will realize your theme will be changed to Dark mode.
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If after going through the above steps and you still experience the same issue, then we will encourage you to read on to the next heading, which we know it may be of help also.

Fix corrupted app or browser data

At times too you may experience corrupted browser data like a cache. This data is stored on your device to keep your settings and personalized data on your browser so that you do not need to download everything again whenever you open a website.

One of the causes of the question “why does YouTube keep switching to light mode” may be a result of corrupted data, especially users that are not signed in.

To fix this, you need to clear your browser or app data and re-apply the setting above.

Note: Doing this will delete all downloaded videos on your YouTube. Meaning all the videos you have saved to watch offline will be deleted.

If you are using Chrome, go to Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Cookies and other site data -> See all site data and permissions -> Search for YouTube in the search box and click on the trash can icon on anything that relates to YouTube.

If you are an Android user go to Settings -> App management -> YouTube -> Clear App data and cache.


Thank you for sticking with us till this stage one thing that came to mind lately is to make sure your app and browsers are up to date.

If this article has been of help to you, do not forget to comment and share it with others.

Sharing Is Caring!
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