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How To Check Signal Strength On DSTV In South Africa

In this article, we will look at how to check signal strength on DSTV. Before that, we will talk a little bit about the DSTV and also add some ways one can increase the signal strength of the DSTV decoder.

DSTV has been the go-to source for entertainment in many homes and offices. They offer a variety of shows on your screen, including sports, documentaries, entertainment, news and many more. You can watch programs from the big Television stations around the globe wherever and whenever you want only if you have a signal.

Before you can enjoy watching shows, news or programs on your DSTV without breakages, you need to make sure you have a strong signal and good signal quality. For you to watch your programs smoothly, you need to make sure you have a strong signal and quality; the signal strength is supposed to be not less than 60%. Let us look at how you can check your signal strength.

How To Check Signal Strength On DSTV In South Africa

Check the signal strength and quality of your DSTV decoder, then follow the steps below. This may vary depending on your model of the decoder.

  1. Turn on your DSTV decoder and make sure it is connected to a display (Television).
  2. On your DSTV decoder remote, click on the key with the DSTV logo usually blue and press on it.
  3. This will open the Menu display of your decoder. This may defer depending on the model of your decoder.
  4. Using the right arrow key, select the Help tab.
  5. With the help of the top and down arrow keys, select General Information and click on OK.
  6. Another list of Menu will open, using the top and down arrow again, select Tuner status and click on OK.
  7. A window will be opened which contains the Signal Strength and Signal Quality.

Note that, if either your signal strength or signal quality is below 60%, then you need to adjust the dish, or call someone who is specialized to fix it for you.

Factors that Cause Weak DSTV Signal

There are many factors that contribute to the weak signal of your DSTV decoder. Below are some of the common ones you may encounter as a DSTV user.

  1. Poor weather conditions. Many weather conditions may affect your DSTV signals such as rain, cloud, thunderstorm, and others. It is believed that if your environment is too noisy, it has some negative effect on your signal.
  2. Positioning of your dish. The way you have positioned your dish may also have an influence on your signal.
  3. Poor/wrong connections of cables and faulty cables.

How To Fix Signal Strength On DSTV In South Africa

If you want to fix this yourself make sure you know what you are doing, else get someone to fix it for you. However, you can check the following before.

  1. Make sure you have well-connected cables and they are all connected to the right ports.
  2. Make sure your dish is not too old. Old dishes also affect the signal of your decoder.
  3. You can also adjust the position of your dish.
  4. If the weather is poor, wait for some time for clearer weather.


Thank you for reading up to this point and hope this guide has been useful. I now know I have been able to answer your question “how ow to Check the Signal Strength and Quality on DSTV in South Africa?”.

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